Jan. 2nd, 2012

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- As you can see, I am porting to DW for realsies! LJ is one annoyance after another at this point. I had a DW, but I deleted it and made a new one with my same username in the name of consistency. I'm not going to be porting any old entries or fics. I'm archiving everything worth keeping at AO3, don't much care about the rest.

- Yuletide! Yuletide is among my favourite parts of the december holiday madness. This year I received in remembrance of may, a wonderful Arthurian legend genderbend fic that was simultaneously so many of the things I love while being something I never knew I wanted. I wrote The Way I Have Forgotten Back, a Once Upon a Time Snow/Charming fic I produced at the last minute because my original idea got terrifyingly overgrown. I'm not 100% happy with it, but I found it surprisingly easy to write once I sat down to do it. I would have liked to write some pinch hits or treats, but my extremely poor planning of real life diy gifts made that impossible. Next year!

- My NYR is MOAR WRITING!!!11 Also working on some body acceptance and self love stuff, but mostly it is write all the things. I would like very much to finally produce some kind of coherent original fiction. I also need to get back on the blogging horse, but it's definitely not as difficult or daunting a task as writing fiction. I want to stop anxiety bombing myself about writing. I want to stop getting lost in the wilderness of my own brain, and I want to stop giving up.

I hope you all had happy holidays etc! I am once more ensconced at home and about to watch the new Sherlock, aw yiss.
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So I watched the new Sherlock and I have Opinions! Shockingly.
Spoilers I guess )


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