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MY JOHN WATSON PROBLEM. LET ME SHOW YOU IT. John Watson is a heat seeking missile specifically engineered to hit basically every character kink I have. FEELINGS. FEELINGS EVERYWHERE. jfc the entire last half hour was like a methodical attempt to completely destroy me emotionally (it worked). Sherlock, when you come back you're gonna get a broken nose. And then a kiss on the mouth.

I just wish so ardently that they would actually go there, because literally the entire show has been about all the various complex ways John and Sherlock deeply, deeply care for one another. That's not subtext, that is the literal actual text of the show. Reading it in any other way makes the entire enterprise utterly incomprehensible. I don't see why this arbitrary no homo line has been drawn at ~a physical relationship~ because newsflash: they are in love, for every meaningful definition of the term. UGH. TV you are the worst and I hate you.

As I said to [personal profile] liminalliz in an email, fic in this case isn't just about making characters mash their faces together. It's about enforcing some narrative sense on a text that can't get its act together.

In news that shocks no one, this show is the literal worst at women. I just cannot even with it. It's such a strange viewing experience, because one moment I want to scream and throw things and punch Moffat in the face, and the next I am quietly weeping. But I did love the bit with Molly. Molly Hooper, PERFECT FUCKING SAINT. Or committed emotional masochist, who knows. I choose to read Molly's bit as evidence of her generous spirit, and you can't convince me otherwise. The author is dead okay.

(I think the narrative wants me to think that when Molly is generous it's pathetic but when John is generous it's brave and fuck you forever moffat I hope you get run off a cliff by a horde of lesbians)

Oh, and Donovan was 100% right to suspect Sherlock AND to bring it to Lestrade's boss, and I will fight anyone who says differently. The only thing that didn't make sense was why this only occurred to her now, but it's not like I expect women on this show to have internally consistent thought patterns or coherent motivations for the things that they do, so fine.

See, I get all angry and then I am reminded of the phone call and the reaching and the hands and john watsooooonnnn ugh dies.

If they don't kiss next season I'm gonna flip a table (spoilers for next season: imry destroys every flat surface in her apartment)

Date: 2012-01-17 07:44 pm (UTC)
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Anything I want to write about this episode would basically be an enormous copy-paste of this post. UGH UGH UGH JOHN WATSON, UGH MARTIN FREEMAN, ughhhh.

I did think they could have pared down the confrontation on the roof (HERESY OR WHATEVER, I'M SURE), but like, at a certain point I could use a little less of two characters telling each other how smart they are for twenty minutes, no matter how well acted and scored it is.



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