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- I'm finishing up my grad school applications like a responsible person. I was putting off this last one because I was under the impression that I needed to submit both a letter of intent and a research proposal, and I was procrastinating on the research proposal. After researching for a bit today and banging out a page and a half, I discovered I was wrong--the research proposal is like a paragraph within the letter of intent. Geez. I guess I deserved that. I choose to believe this means I'm ahead of the curve for next year. Yes

- I changed my medication at the beginning of the month because of reasons and after like two weeks of hell the new ones are working and holy crap they are amazing. I'm sort of a functional human again?? YES GOOD MORE OF THIS.

-Related to functional adult human shit: I have a job! Finally! It's technically a long term temp placement, so I don't actually have a contract or anything. It's staggeringly tedious and totally redundant but at least it's not stressful and the office environment isn't abusive. Most importantly: money! Aw yis.

- I managed to break my blog writing intertia/endless anxietybomb spiral and make a post at my real person blog. I'm chewing on another one, because I think I have finally, finally found an answer to the question [personal profile] allchildren asked months ago on tumblr about the meaning of femme . Yes, it's been bugging me for that long. STAY TUNED, I guess?

- I updated the fic, if you are into that sort of thing. Because I am me, I've decided that the draft that has been complete since october needed a complete revision of the third act. Obviously. Hopefully it will get done before another three months pass. #slowestwriter


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