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I just watched the LotS episode about Cara and brb tearbending. Holy damn. I've been impressed by this show's moments of nuance concerning cycles of oppression and issues of justice and responsibility, but this episode really got me in the gut. Oh my god cara my bb. At the end of the episode when she was choosing to leave home of her own will--argh, all my cries.

I would like it more if they spent a bit more time problematizing the confessor's powers-- Kahlan's whole thing about the confessors dying out...idk dude, maybe they should. I mean, how is confession different from the mord sith's training? There's no torture. That's it, that's the difference. What I really, really liked about this ep was that the confessor's touch had nothing to do with the carriage of justice. It was not a matter of knowing or not knowing the truth but acting or not acting on the desire for retribution. The whole point of this ep is that justice doesn't need a confessor; justice needs mercy and the ending of cycles of oppression and whoops feelings explosion.

What I am getting at is A+++ subtext show--now if only you could seriously textually problematize the confessor's powers, that would be great.

I just want to write a million fics about restorative justice and socialism and also richard and kahlan banging (these things are intertwined. they're banging for great justice okay)

Because the source text is gross and I am a born contrarian and also a cranky socialist, I am super inclined to read this show at a slant and fixate on the power issues at play. So like yeah I am super into the D/s subtext built into Richard/Kahlan that is always, always going to be at issue. (It forever baffles me at the fic that apparently sprang up out of this ship. Like why would you play down that shit? This is the kind of thing that slash fandom invents AUs for. Anyway. ) I'm also really into the idea that the seeker is for the people and rebuilding out of the ashes of a horrible tyrant's regime and the possibility of different kinds of justice and many kinds of truth. The two things are linked together; personal power and political power can't be easily prised apart, which the confessor's touch does a great job of pointing up, with bonus heavy sexualization! I just love that sexual power dynamics and political power dynamics are SO OBVIOUSLY linked. Blah blah foucault* whatever whatever WORDS!!

Basically: I wanna write dirty pinko fic.

* I've, er, never actually read Foucault
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