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Okay! I have finished Legend of the Seeker, so I will stop posting about it constantly after this, promise. But for now I'm just going to wave my arms around and feel some things (and also watch this vid on repeat, holy damn).

- CARA. MY FOREVER GIRL. I am super mad about the 11th hour reversal. It was just so pointless. Is there a contractual obligation that states every season has to end with an AU episode? Because I can think of no other reason for that entire thing. I mean, the married and macking part had me flailing around, but really the whole plotline felt kind of cheap. And the sudden reset button! Why did you do that to my girl :( :(

That said, I super appreciated that they didn't deforst Cara. She was still very much Mord Sith and identified as such; her reactions to her trauma were maintained as valid. They could have very easily been like, Cara just needed someone to love her, and now she's all better! Not quite. I really like that they allowed that there's no all better for Cara--there's only a way forward. At least, I think that's what they were getting at with that plotline, but who knows.

Narratively speaking, it was just a really weird decision! I mean, if you're going to go through the whole rigamarole, why do it in the second last episode? WHAT IS THE POINT OF THAT. I just. What are you doing no stop. Like in the second last episode of the season, you're supposed to be building momentum, not stalling it. They did it in the first season too--it's in their overarching plot things that the writing falls down, every time. The side plots and subtext are great; it's in the execution of their major story arcs that they drop the ball.

- ARGH THE PLOT. Obviously I was like screaming at the end. Saved By the Power of Love is AMONG MY FAVOURITE DEVICES. Faaaaaavourite. I just wish there had been more setup and more followthrough. I mean, I presume they were going to deal with that in the third season that never was, but a stronger, more coherent narrative arc leading up to the finale would have done them some huge favours. But I think some of this relates to the somewhat inconsistent grasp I think the writers had on Kahlan's character. Which frustrates me, because UP UNTIL the reset button, they were doing an amazing job of building a season-long character arc for Cara. That they failed to do that for Kahlan is ALL MY SADS. Because there could have been some amaaaaazing stuff in there about the power of love and the irony of a confessor, who can receive love but not give it, saving the world with her loooove and argh. FOLLOWTHROUGH.

- I ADORED Cara's and Kahlan's friendship. I felt like there could have been more, but LADIES BEING FRANS. YES. I was getting all teary when they were confessing their friendship in the tomb. Argh lost sisters and common ground and chosen families--brb tearbending.

- Nicci was going to be the best big bad! Man. I take back what I said on twitter, I wish it had been renewed.

Second season was defs. not as strong as the first overall, though it had amazeballs moments of mining the subtext. They just never figured out things like followthrough, or how to make the text and the subtext go together really coherently--which is sort of sad because it could have been AMAZING. But also kind of good because it still provides lots to chew on AND it prevented them from ruining themselves with grossness or taking it too seriously.

idk. I infinitely prefer this kind of fantasy to the Game of Thrones type. Like, you can still be a fundamentally good natured show and also raise some interesting questions. The fact they they managed to keep away from the rape as drama grossness that plagued the books is incredibly impressive. Like, MEMO TO ALL FANTASY SERIES FOREVER: Stop that. Please for the love of god will you just stop. I get that it's a cruel world, okay. But I am a tender hearted soul and I am just sick unto death of rape and death equalling ~depth and grittiness~ It's fucking lazy writing and gross as hell. LotS wasn't perfect on this count (don't you dare throw Taralyn under the bus like that you jerks) but they were a hellllll of a lot better than their source text and at least managed to be reflective about abuse and violence. I mean, "better than terry goodkind" is like...good job at achieving basic human decency, but I was overall impressed with their ability to rehabilitate or problematize some gross stuff and to make jabs at his appalling politics. The Seeker is for the people, bitches.

Though really, the most important question of all is: Did Richard's hair get better by the end of the season, or did I just get stockholmed into liking it?
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