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An Update!!!!

- Yuletide! Wow this year was so great you guys. I wrote if not, winter (greek mythology, hades/persephone) and recieved remember this when you are queen which is a snow white & the huntsman fic about women and power and it is so!!! great!!!!!!

- In news that surprises no one, graduate school is exhausting. I think I have a better handle on it this term, despite the workload increasing due to being required to take a law class. But two times out of three I really like my program! 

- Nothing in the world will ever redeem being a teaching assistant, though. I teach a class I have absolutely no background in and don't care about :) :) My students and I have similar goals: to get through it with the  absolute minimum amount of effort required to not make asses of ourselves. 

-Still trying to nail down a major research topic. I know I'm going to be looking at childhood medical intervention and trauma, because the statement "medicine: traumatizing as fuck" is actually comparatively under-researched. Academia!!!!!

- Also I'm applying to my first conference! wish me luck! it's on pop culture and disability :DDD

- I'm taking ballet classes. Had my first one today, and I have to say that standing up really straight for an hour and a half is super hard. I'm kind of terrible, and I am working towards being okay with that and not letting my neurotic perfectionist shame spiral take over. 

- Mental health: relatively stable. hello i am a champion. Relatedly, I finally got learning disability testing done and am now genuine certified learning disabled, finally. not sure what flavour yet, but when I get the report I am gonna friggen frame it. 

- Probably should start applying for jobs soon. falls over, lies on ground. 

- Have been reading the attolia books because tumblr. desperately need otps to bang. that is pretty much the extent of what I have to say about that. have had minimal fannish activity outside of that/yuletide/vaguely working on some fma fic. don't worry, soon I will be done classes and procrastinating on my own research by writing 10k of weird sex probably. I know you were wondering, but trust me, I got you. 

What are YOU doing, guys?
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