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Oh gosh, I keep forgetting that DW is a thing that exists which I have. Such is fandom in the days of tumblr, I guess.

I have exciting news! M and I are going to get married!! There isn't a big romantic ~moment~. We went to the antique market on our 5th year anniversary, found a ring, liked it, told our friends. The lack of backup dancers and fireworks has come as a great disappointment to my aunts. 

Our parents are over the moon--his parents even invited mine for Passover, which went surprisingly okay. My mom is literally a non-stop font of wedding planning chatter. She's up for a visit right now and it will be a goddamn miracle if I manage to get anything done ever again. We went wedding dress shopping last week (found a contender?) and are going again tomorrow after my sister gets in for the weekend. The wedding will be next summer (with what feels like a million guests, jfc) but my mom is moving to the states and might not be able to leave for a year, so apparently everything needs to happen now???? idk. It's fun stuff, I'll roll with it. 

Feels a bit like I am mercilessly deceiving everyone I know into believing I'm an adult. But who am I kidding, I am pretty darn excited for being grossly smitten marrieds.


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