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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you so much for participating this year!!! I am sure I will adore whatever you write me. My approach to prompting tends to be pretty conceptual rather than plotty/situational, so apologies if things seem vague. Mostly I just really want to read your story, so please don't worry about tailoring things to my ~expectations if your interests lie elsewhere. I know I will be delighted with whatever you write!


LIKES: women having and using their agency in complex ways; people struggling to do the right thing; endings that affirm the characters' struggle as necessary; complex, emotionally charged relationships, both romantic and platonic; FEELINGS; picking up power dynamics and shaking them; romance and kissing, especially as a challenging and transformative force (for good or bad). 

 first and second person narration; kink for the sake of it; angst for the sake of it; women pitted against each other particularly for the affection of a dude; older dude/younger woman.

SQUICKS: bestiality; watersports/scat; noncon; A/B/O; descriptions of anaesthesia and gas masks. 

For stalking purposes: TumblrAO3, other slightly more respectable ao3 


The Young Blood Chronicles: Pete, Patrick

Firstly, if we matched on something else and you are considering watching these, please note that they come with a loooong list of trigger warnings. The majors are: fire/arson, kidnapping, bondage, torture/coercive medical procedures, blood, amputation, cannibalism (implied), with brief appearances from: needles, snakes and drugs. All of that said, I am super sensitive and actually have no problem watching them. But ymmv! My young bloods tag on tumbr will give you an idea of what you're in for, if you're curious. 

These videos are so goddamn ridiculous but i love them because of it. I love how this is basically Pete Wentz's idfic and it's just going all out with the torture porn and jesus imagery. I am so into the jesus imagery and if you wanna blaspheme to your heart's content, knock yourself out. 

HOWEVER. I super hate the fandom's mainstream interpretation of the series. Like, I really dislike that all the women/most of the poc in the series seem to be the antagonists, and I would LOVE anything that troubles the very simplistic moral schema the videos appear to be setting up. The band has talked repeatedly about how they have an expansive vision of rock and roll--when asked who he thinks is saving rock and roll these days, Pete usually answers Kanye West. There have been rumours that Courtney Love is going to appear as an evil character, but the band has only spoken of her in the most glowing terms--and Pete seems to Get Courtney Love in a way I think few people do. Which I think offers a lot of wiggle room in terms of how we're dividing good and evil in this universe and what it means to save rock and roll. 

So: young blood girls as morally ambiguous pop punk angels? Courtney Love as a miltonian Lucifer? (Pete Wentz is a poet and of the devil's party without knowing it?) The torture and kidnapping as trial by fire? A necessary evil? An embrace of evil that delivers us from the strictures of conventional morality? Basically, what the fuck is going on here? Those are just some of the things pinging around in my brain at the moment, I would love to see what you have to say about it.

I'm cool with kink for this one! My squicks are bestiality, watersports/scat and noncon. This series is a fucking gift in terms of blood, knives and bondage. Basically I'm cool with anything in the same tenor as what's happened onscreen.

I totally ship Pete and Patrick, but gen/OTBFF is cool too! I'd just prefer that they not get shipped with other people. 

The Matrix: Trinity

If we matched on something else, this would also be a good replacement! If you haven't seen the sequels don't bother, I am definitely not a stickler for canon and they're basically terrible. 

Trinity is one of my very favourite characters of all time. I love her competence, her mercy and her ruthlessness, her doubt turning into quiet faith. She's a true believer who got there through doubt. She's a fierce protectress who has kept her gentleness. I JUST LOVE HER. I love her so much. Neo/Trinity was one of my first OTPs so please whatever you do don't break them up (gen is cool! just please don't ship them with other people.)

I want any and all fic about Trinity. I personally delete the majority of the sequels from my mental hard drive, and ten years later i am still mad about her death, so the only fic I wouldn't want is one that centres around that. I would really like to see something that deals with her and Neo beginning their relationship, since the films skip over that awkward part--something about her struggle with belief/being a relatively public figure now, or about learning to be together after being alone for so long, or about her contradictions and complexities and her personal history. 

AUs are also cool! My favourite Matrix au concept is what if trinity was the one? or what if the One isn't One but two or three or multiple people? What if salvation arises not from a singular person but from networks of relationships? What if we save each other? 

But honestly, anything about her would make me so happy. 

Planetes: Claire Rondo.

CLAIRE. MY BEAUTIFUL SPACE ODILE. She is hands down my favourite character in the series. I think Claire's story is a lot about losing faith and rebuilding from what you thought you knew. And the thing is, Claire is right. She is absolutely right about the injustices perpetrated and enlarged by space exploration. She is right to want to help her country in whatever way she can; it's just that her methods are violent and not ultimately helpful. And in a lot of ways I understand the sentiment: making structural change is such a brutally slow endeavour that saying fuck it, let's blow it up seems more satisfying. 

And Claire is so brutal to herself. She works herself into the ground for other people or for her ideals. So I guess I would like something about Claire learning to be kind to herself. I have complicated feelings about her imprisonment at the end because I think the narrative maybe doesn't look at imprisonment all that critically. So if you wanted to pick that up and shake it that would be cool! What does it mean to atone? Is atonement possible? Is imprisonment sufficient? What about the crimes that go unremarked upon? 

I find her relationship with Hakim really fascinating, and I love the push/pull of similarity and difference between them. I also love the contrast between her and Ai, so if you are captivated by either (or both) of those relationships I would love anything about them. But those are just framing suggestions, I would love anything about Claire. 

Princess Tutu: 

Beautiful actual odile!!!! Rue my darling girl, my beautiful princess. I would love something about what it means to be a princess, to have power, and to write your own story, and the complicated ways people inhabit belief and power. I am particularly fascinated by the ways in which Rue's gender influences her role; I think she sort of begins from this very "weaponized femininity" kind of place and then evolves and changes into something else, something different. Rue makes me think of what it is to be a girl, a daughter , a woman and how to make that your own. 

I ship those four crazy kids as basically four way married but I am also into Rue/Ahiru in particular as shadow doubles or w/e because lesbian pas de deux hell yes. Not to mention the way their relationship kind of fucks with the strict gender roles of ballet,--which are implicitly also narrative roles because of choreographic conventions or w/e. Really into Rue choosing to separate herself from the narrative her father in particular wrote for her and her assigned role as tragic villainness. SORRY i know this is a really nonspecific prompt anything about Rue would be super great.

ALSO. If you happen to have watched both Planetes and Princess Tutu, one thing I would really love is some kind of weird conceptual crossover involving Rue and Claire (or Rue/Claire). Because I think they occupy similar sorts of positions in their narratives, particularly as being the bad girls to very sweet, optimistic, loving protagonists. Rue's arc is about how the narrative has forced her into that position, while Claire's is about how structural violence has closed down those options. So I would love a fic about them choosing to be their own people despite the structural constraints (narrative or economic) placed upon them.

SORRY. I know that's a weird conceptual prompt and please don't feel compelled to go out and watch one show if we matched on the other, I just thought I would throw it out there. 
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