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Birthdate:Mar 31
I like stories about awesome ladies, rich inner lives, and space battles, and I will pretty much always vote for more making out.

Fic at whatimages @ ao3
Miscellany at coeurensabot @ tumblr and fannish rantings at whatimages @ tumblr

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attolia, avatar: the last airbender, avengers, biblical whores, buddycops, chosen one/protectress, clint/natasha, clint/natasha/loki, community, complex emotional trauma from battlestar galactica, congenital heart disease, cyborg theory, darkot3, devastating emotional codependence, disability studies, fembots have feelings too, fullmetal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood, genderbend, glorious monsters, happy endings, ladies, legend of the seeker, narnia, ot3s, queen's thief, rex quondam rexque futurus, rich inner lives, robot hearts, roy/riza, royai, rule 63, sherlock, star trek aos
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