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Okay! I have finished Legend of the Seeker, so I will stop posting about it constantly after this, promise. But for now I'm just going to wave my arms around and feel some things (and also watch this vid on repeat, holy damn).

Unsurprising excess of feelings. (incl. discussion of the usual TG grossness) )
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God damn it legend of the seeker. I still can't get over how deceptive this show is! Just when I think they're done chewing on their subtext they start it up all over again. I mean, I know part of this is me reading in what I want to, but the fact that the showrunners actually deal with some of the implications of the world they've set up continuously impresses me.

TW for discussions of consent issues, abuse and rape
LotS up to 2.14 'Bound' )
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- I sent the last of my grad school things off at the beginning of the month; now I wait an unspecified length of time to hear back. I think I'll get into one and probably not into the other. I mean, I'll be okay even if I don't get in, but talking to one of my bffs who is doing her master's (canadian history) has made me really miss school. I just don't have enough crunchy academic nonsense in my life rn.

Though M did hear back--his first choice program called him to offer him a place and a bucket of money. And we found out last week that his application for a government research grant has passed some kind of magical signpost on its journey through government bureaucracy and he probably is going to get it (?). Either way it is pretty great and I am obvs super proud.

- Over the past couple of months or so I've gradually been acquiring a group of nerdy hot gay lady friends. YOU GUYS. All of my friends moved away in may and now I have friends again! and I don't have to pretend to be cool or anything and they are into my belligerent weirdo ways. It's great. Friendssss!

- I decided arbitrarily that it was time for me to finally actually watch Legend of the Seeker, two years after its cancellation. This is apparently the year I catch up on all the tv I missed while in school. But anyway, it's delightful and fun without being overly goofy, and the hair/faces/cleavage/abs action is fantastic. things about a show that is four years old )

Anyway--it's great and it's probaby what I will do with my weekend instead of finally finishing my sherlock fic. Because it's been six months, what's another few days? (worst writer, worst life)

- Also knitting! Really the reason I started LotS was because I wanted something to watch while knitting. But I think it's going to consume my brain for a few weeks OH OOPS. I'm finally making a stab at knitting in the round and I have to say, it's confusing as all get out.

- Speaking of stuff to watch: my sister suggested I watch/read Buso Renkin (sp?) because someone gets their heart replaced with magic and that is very relevant to my interests. Does anyone know anything about it? I was thinking of just watching the anime because trying to read manga makes my whole brain cry (I can barely deal with a combination of words and images as it is; when they're laid out the other way I just shut down). Anyway, thoughts?


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