Aug. 20th, 2012 11:55 pm
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oh my stars, the avengers fic of my discontent is finally done!

sleep with fists closed, and shoot straight (avengers movieverse, clint/natasha/loki, r).
full content warnings at the link!

Written for [personal profile] liminalliz for the [profile] scarletteenfans auction, a truly appalling amount of time later. It's not even in the same fandom as she initially prompted and turned out twice as long and ten times as weird. ~*friendship*~

Also many thanks to [personal profile] fahye, who took this from a totally unmitigated disaster to a thing with actual structure.
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- I made a new tumblr, if you care about these sorts of things @ whatimages, for consistency. I'll be using it for fannish crap and navel gazing about characterization. Right now it's all loki all the time because holy damn do I have an excess of feelings about loki being a queerdo.

- Still writing absurd avengers fic. I think I've turned a corner on it and I more or less know the arc of it. There are a couple sticky transition bits to work out and a fair bit of just slogging through stuff/copying from my notebook. If you've been pressganged into this project, stand by for an onslaught of emails

- Obviously I loved the shit out of Snow White and the Huntsman. UGH SO GREAT. etc )

- I have a job! It's kind of terrible because my boss is a horrible monster (according to literally everyone) but it's the kind of terrible I am able to deal with because I am amazing. Whatever, not being unemployed is pretty sweet.

- The day after my first paycheque I emailed my fave tattoo artist about a new piece. RESPONSIBLE ADULTHOOD.

- OH ALSO: I have a goodreads!. In case you were wondering what my english degree was good for.

- Those last three items are a horrible post-bachelor's gen y cliche. *facepalm*


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